Awards and Recognition

AmeriPride continues to be recognized as a leading service provider across North America. The core values our company has lived by since 1889 are more important than ever, and our customers agree. With the support of our committed employees and faithful customers, we've proudly received outside recognition for accomplishments in customer service, longevity and individual achievement. Take a look at some of the awards and recognition we've received as an organization.


Top Tier Light and Medium Duty Efficient Fleet Award - 2015

AmeriPride was recognized at the Fleet Technology Expo for our sustainability and efficiency practices, including the use of alternative fuels, driver training, technology and more. Ten top fleets are recognized in each category. The Fleet Technology Expo is a leading fleet industry conference that provides information and strategies for reducing fuel use and maintenance costs while optimizing efficiencies through technology.


Sustainable Business of the Year Award - 2015

AmeriPride’s Sacramento branch was named the Sacramento Sustainable Business of the Year for its industry-leading sustainability efforts and operations improvements. The company was recognized for Transportation and Air Quality by the Business and Environmental Resource Center (BERC), as well as Sacramento Area Sustainable Business, the City of Sacramento, the County of Sacramento, the California State Senate and the US Congress.


Top 50 Green Fleets Award - 2015 & 2014

Heavy Duty Trucking’s ‘Top 50 Green Fleets’ Award highlights those companies that are pushing for sustainability and making it a part of their everyday operations, such as improving fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions, using alternative fuels, building green facilities, etc. AmeriPride has been honored for two years in a row for its use innovative technologies that reduce its carbon footprint and promote awareness and behavioral change.


Clean Green Certification - 2014 

AmeriPride was one of the first and largest commercial laundry organizations worldwide to earn ‘Clean Green’ Certification from TRSA, the leading textile services industry association. This designation signifies that its production facilities meet international standards for efficiencies in water and energy conservation and adopting best management practices for reusing, reclaiming and recycling resources.


Clean Green Award - 2014

The TRSA ‘Clean Green’ Award recognizes novel approaches by companies to increase sustainability, conserve natural resources and reduce the operation’s overall environmental impact. AmeriPride received the award for its work to gain efficiencies in water and energy conservation and adopt best management practices for reusing, reclaiming and recycling resources. The work resulted in significant reductions in the usage natural gas, electricity and water.


SafeTRSA Innovation Award - 2014

AmeriPride received the SafeTRSA Innovation Award for its work on reducing spontaneous combustion fires in its production facilities. The company took a leadership role in this industry-wide issue and identified new fire prevention precautions that could be applied to their laundry practices.


Hygienically Clean Certification - 2014

AmeriPride has earned TRSA’s ‘Hygienically Clean Healthcare’ designation in several locations, verifying that products cleaned in the plants meet hygiene standards appropriate for medical facilities. Facilities that have achieved this milestone include the Phoenix, Twin Falls, Bemidji, Little Rock, Minneapolis, Lubbock, Springfield, and Memphis branches.


Best in Show Award - 2014

AmeriPride received the ‘Best in Show’ Award from the Greater Twin Cities United Way for its 2013 campaign that successfully incorporated best practices in fundraising and philanthropy, employee engagement and campaign innovation and achieved a significant increase in campaign revenue and participation.


Minnesota Family Business Award - 2011

AmeriPride was the recipient of the Twin Cities Business 2011 Minnesota Family Business Award. This honor is awarded to five outstanding family-owned Minnesota businesses each year that epitomize the highest standards of success, family involvement, community service and family business structure.


TRSA Operator Lifetime Achievement Award - 2011

Each year, TRSA honors a select group of individuals for their involvement within the industry. Lawrence "Larry" Steiner, a member of the AmeriPride founding family and the current Board of Directors, was recently recognized for his many achievements in the company and his lifetime commitment to the industry.


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