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Hi-Visibility & Enhanced Visibility Uniforms

Thousands of workers are exposed to potentially harmful working conditions every day, whether it’s running heavy equipment on a construction site or repairing a pothole on a highway. It's important that workers be seen to avoid serious or fatal injuries while on the job. Canadian Linen offers a variety of quality hi-visibility apparel (also known as hi-vis or high-visibility) that makes workers not only safe, but also compliant.

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Hi-Visibility & Enhanced Visibility Apparel 

Our customers often have employees who are working in low visibility situations, from working along a busy highway to being in a warehouse with heavy equipment. Normal workwear can blend into the background. In low visibility or while moving heavy equipment, you want your workers to stand out so they can be as safe as possible. Canadian Linen has a variety of hi-visibility and enhanced visibility workwear options that meet different safety needs, from safety vests to hi-visibility coveralls. We can work with the designated employee responsible for worker safety to find the workwear that will meet the class requirements for your team.

Understanding your industry and providing the right equipment for your needs is part of our job, and we take it very seriously. No matter your unique needs or challenges, Canadian Linen is prepared to work with you to develop a solution specifically tailored to your specifications.

Because your workers’ safety is important, we offer hi- and enhanced visibility workwear that meets Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standard Z96-15 visibility standards. If you don’t need to meet CSA standards, but still need enhanced visibility, we have workwear options that include the enhanced visibility striping options. We will work with you to determine what kind of options are right for your company and will make sure you get exactly what you need.

CSA Z96-15 is the standard for hi-visibility safety apparel for employees who are working in low light and poor visibility, especially around moving vehicles. This workwear is designed to allow employees to be seen sooner and more easily by the operators of vehicles. To comply with the standard, all uniforms have a distinctive pattern, which includes an “x” on the back, two “suspender”-like stripes on the front, and a waist level “belt”-like stripe. Bands and stripes must be at least 2 inches wide in a combination of fluorescent background and retro reflective material. More information is available at: High-Visibility Safety Apparel.

Enhanced visibility workwear is designed to improve wearers’ visibility but do not meet CSA Z96-15 standards. This could be because they do not have adequate reflective striping for nighttime visibility or because they have body fabric or reflective striping that does not meet those requirements. Typically this workwear is worn by workers in low-risk environments.

For more information on the classifications of hi-visibility clothing, and to determine which class of hi- or enhanced visibility uniforms are right for you, see the chart below or contact us today

Hi Visibility Chart

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